Martial Law Survival

Martial Law Survival Guide

In this Martial Law Survival Guide I am going to skim over several issues facing American Preppers and Civilian Personnel.  Now let me say this… I’ve seen some of these other Prepper Websites’ conceptual ideas of how to survive martial law, and I’ve never seen such irresponsibility in my life.  Not only do they tell you to stock up on guns, ammo, and all the other prepper niceties that will get your ass sacked up upon inspection, but they also advise you to shelter in place!  In response, we will tell you how to not only survive martial law, but to conquer it.

Is Martial Law a Real Possibility?

With all the buzz over Jade Helm 15, the UN coming to seize your weapons, DHS stocking up on ammo and MRAPs, and the Constitution being raped every single day, it’s not too hard to see why people are starting to get hyper-spastic about it.  I mean have you seen Alex Jones in a frenzy?  It’s quite moving but essentially its fear tactics to get us to buy his ‘Secret 12 Formula’ which is nothing more than a crazy dose of B12.  It’s capitalism, so I can’t complain.

Now, one of the problems I have with a specific article says to listen to ‘Rumors or predictions from experts may alert you to impending martial law’, which is a really bad thing to tell people.  Come on, man.  you’re going to send 75% of the prepper community running to the mountains every two weeks!  No, seriously, every two weeks there’s a litany of articles with predictions and rumors telling us ‘Tomorrow, martial law comes!’.  Tomorrow comes, nothing is different aside from an increase in ammunition sales, and it’s been this way for years now.

The Reality of Martial Law

Martial Law is always a possibility in any major metropolitan area, but it won’t go down the way everyone thinks it will.  Don’t listen for rumors my friends, listen for bombs.  There is only one way you can bring this entire nation under martial law, and that is under the guise of a simultaneous multistate terrorist attack.  Think Boston Bombings, and the following result immediately after detonation, there was a two hour window before martial law went into full swing.  Now, think if that were to happen nationally.

People also like to believe our Army would never do that, but sadly, high ranking military personnel, along with OathKeepers are being purged, being replaced by younger, more impressionable soldiers.  You know, Gen Y – it’s unsettling to say the least.  Not only that, but the military has been training for counter-insurgency for decades now. ..

Surviving Martial Law

I hate dubbing this article ‘Martial Law Survival Guide’, because to simply survive all you have to do is submit to the boot of tyranny.  Don’t have any guns or ammunition hidden, because if you’re found with it, you’re getting sacked up.  Just sit there like the nutless wonder you are and let them do what they’re going to do, and hopefully you won’t end up in Hotel Auschwitz..

However, our readers aren’t about that life. Our readers don’t want to survive, they want to be free, and that is what my martial law survival guide is about, restoring freedom, and in reality you’re going to need all the skills we teach here to overcome such a force, so I’m going to highlight the most important elements…

Conditioning for Martial Law

I cannot stress this enough, don’t scare the living shit out of your children! That being said, you and your family need to be conditioned to survive and overcome martial law.  This isn’t as complex as it sounds.  To condition yourselves for martial law without giving your kids a new phobia to worry about, simply turn your conditioning events into family outings. It’s simple, instead of staying home on the weekends, start camping out!

  • Make a game out of how fast can you get the truck loaded to simulate bugging out.
  • Find a nice remote area to camp, and see who can do the best job getting their tent up and hidden with foliage the fastest.
  • Teach your family firearms safety, and marksmenship.
  • Play wargames with airsoft.
  • Fish, hunt, and teach your family how to live off the land!


OPSEC or Operation Security means stop blabbing about how Billy Bad Ass you are with your high-speed rifle, and totally bitching vest!  People are putting their own security at risk by posting online about their guns, preps, and beliefs.  Not only are your friends seeing this but so is the government, painting a big red target on you.  We wrote an extensive article on OPSEC called OPSEC for Preppers, I suggest you read it and get informed.

.When it comes down to martial law, there will undoubtedly be more traitors than we can count.  Hell, they’re already here!  Once the SHTF these folks will do anything to stay alive, which includes ratting you out.  Be wary of any members of your group that are gone for long periods of time.  Torture has a way of turning your most closest allies into your undoing.

Cache Stockpiling

Never put your eggs in one basket.  Stock food, water, ammunition, and whatever you like in various locations, your AO (area of operations). If you’re a city dweller and don’t want to lug a ton of munitions when a speedy bug out is needed, this is an ideal technique to use. Simply bury your cache, record the coordinates, and return on your way out of town.  Even if you live in a rural area, it’s a good idea to use caches in the event your home is raided, and you had to leave in a hurry.  Caches will allow you to resupply!

Bugging In

This is only for people who live in rural areas. After the cities are taken down trust me when I say they will expand their area of operations and they will make it to your homes.  If an insurgency has already began they will look for conspirators, and those who support resistance elements.  If your goal is to be an active element in the resistance, you should be stockpiling food, water, and munitions right outside your property line.

You can still stock up on food, water, and munitions in your home.  Luckily, you’re in a rural area and they most likely won’t get to you for a minute so you have time to stow away what you need to.

Bugging Out

If you are in a metropolitan area (Nashville, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, etc) I am not big enough a dumbass to tell you to shelter in place under any circumstances.  The minute you hear bombs, or see bombs going off on the news, you have around an hour or less to get the hell out of dodge before mobilization of military personnel is full swing.

In counter-insurgency ops where metropolitan areas are the initial target, FOBs will be setup on the outskirts of those towns and perimeters will be formed. All roads leading in and leading out will be blocked and CPs (check points) will go up in the blink of an eye.  This means your exit will have to be fast. We’ve already written articles to get you ready for this moment, so invest some time and read up;

Now that you’re ready for the SHTF, you can bug out!  Does this mean go to grandmother’s house over the hill and through the woods?  Pick grandma up and STAY OFF GRID.  Armies can often be inefficient, mostly due to bureaucratic oversight, so let’s hope that inefficiency continues in this instance.

Over two-hundred American cities have at least 100k-500k people living in them.  The American military has about 1.3 million active duty personnel, with another 800k in the reserves.   This means out of 300 cities less than a third can be effectively occupied (even with LEO assistance), unless foreign armies join the fight. Otherwise, we got this.


Tannerite at home

How to make tannerite at home

The mixture itself is simple

For example: 100g AN mixed with 5g AL

  1. 95% Ammonium Nitrate [See pricing.] 50lb bags marked 34-0-0. Please note: the supply of ammonium nitrate is getting slim, this product is in crystal form and will have to be made into a fine powder. 
  2. Use blender to ground to the consistency of salt granules.
  3. Mix in well ventilated area with no open flames.
  4. Ignition Point 840 degrees Fahrenheit.
  5. Store in sealed container after grounded.
  6. After storage – If clumping occurs break the clumps apart and ground.
  1. 5% Aluminum Powder [See pricing.] 300-600 mesh.
  2. Use different blender to avoid contamination.
  3. Blend into fine powder.
  4. Mix in well ventilated area with no open flames.
  5. Store in sealed container after grounded.
  6. After storage – If clumping occurs break the clumps apart and ground.

How to make tannerite – The mix AN/AL

Pour the amounts into the container and shake them up until they are mixed together mixed accordingly to their weight 95/5 in any desired amount. Remember once you mix them together you must use them at the site. You cannot drive or store the stuff mixed together. Totally legal according to federal law.

A Federal explosives license or permit would be required to obtain any explosive device, such as detonators, used to initiate the mixed binary explosives. In addition, transportation of any explosive material, including mixed binary explosives, without a Federal license or permit is prohibited. [27 CFR 555.11: Definition of “manufacturer”; 27 CFR 555.26, 555.41(b)] Again do not drive with these compounds mixed.


23 Critical Items for Survival

Grocery Stores are gone when the SHTF

There’s nothing worse than facing a disaster, running to the grocery store to buy what you need to survive and finding out the shelves have been picked dry…and now your family is going to starve. At the very least, you should prepare for your family’s sake. Keep in mind, water isn’t listed but that item should be obvious. In addition, MRE’s (Meals Ready to Eat) are specifically for field use and not intended for long shelf lives, you should have them for when you are mobile and field operations where you will be away from your headquarters from 2-3 days. You can purchase these items at cost by clicking the links.

23 Critical Items for Survival

  1. Flour → Flour has to be stored in a freezer to give it a 2 year shelf life, if you do not put it in the freezer it’s shelf life will be cut down to a narrow 6 months.
  2. Honey and/or Maple Syrup → Believe it or not this has an indefinite shelf life and provides ample nutrition, since you won’t see sugar on this list consider this a must have.
  3. White & Brown Rice → Again this is another marvel of storage because rice has an indefinite shelf life and will sustain you and your family with massive calories and protein.
  4. Beef Jerky → High in protein with a 1 year shelf life as long as it remains unopened and stored in your pantry. Be sure to check the Best Used By Date because many retailers put their oldest beef jerky that is due to be expired at the front of the shelf. Reach in the back and make sure you get the freshest!
  5. Wheat White or Red → Excellent addition to your survival pantry with a 30 year shelf.
  6. Whey Powder → Excellent for protein and takes up little space with a 15 year shelf life.
  7. Yeast → If you’re in it for the long haul and plan on utilizing your flour for bread making you will need yeast to get those buns rising with a decent 2 year shelf life.
  8. Powdered Eggs → 15 year shelf life and essential for keeping your prepper breakfast diverse.
  9. Powdered Milk → Crucial to some of your survival culinary recipes with a 20 year shelf life.
  10. Lima Beans – Excellent source of protein with an ample 20 year shelf life.
  11. Dehydrated Apple Slices → 15 year shelf life and a tasty little snack to satisfy your hankering for something sweet and lean.
  12. Granola → 5 year shelf life and sits in your stomach like a rock!
  13. Rolled Oats → Great for hearty oatmeal in the morning and it’s 30 year shelf life makes it one of the must haves for your prepper bunker.
  14. Jelly → We don’t expect you to make your survival efforts bland and tasteless so use this tasty topper to sweeten things up with a fine 5 year shelf life.
  15. Natural Peanut Butter → Very short shelf life of 6 months! However, everyone loves peanut butter so at best you should rotate out these jars mainly because it’s tasty and high in protein.
  16. Egg Noodles → This can be applied to Ramen Noodles too but they are very tasty and have a 2 year shelf life.
  17. Canned Luncheon Meat → Lasts anywhere from 2-5 years and provides proteins and fats which we suggest to use sparingly until winter.
  18. 3600 Calorie Ration Bars → These are great as a last ditch because they are indented by portion and have a 10 year shelf life that we often use on field operations. Tastes like dry cake but packs a wallop of nutrition.
  19. Multivitamins → Not food but we have to stress this item, especially if you have children, malnutrition can lead to a cornucopia of dangers. Most multivitamins have a recommended 5 year shelf life and you should have enough to last for 6 months at the very least.
  20. Dehydrated Food Products → This can be applied to freeze dried meals, fruits and etc. that can provide diversity to your survival plans with typical 2 year shelf lives.
  21. Salt – Lasts forever and required by your body to sustain life.
  22. Butter and Margarine – Lasts 15 years and will most likely be required for your menu.
  23. Potatoes Dried – Lasts 20 years and always a good addition for supper.

B.O.B what should you have


An efficient B.O.B. (‘Bug Out Bag’) is a mobile cache of various items required for surviving short periods of time when Shit Hits The Fan. The BOB should be prepared in advance since you won’t have the luxury of time to purchase or gather the supplies you need. Having an adequate and versatile Bug out Bag stocked and ready will increase your chances of survival during emergency evacuations.

Included below are notes to help you get started and an example of one individual’s BOB All members of your family or group should have a BOB, tailored to their individual needs.

The survival kit in this example is adequate for this particular individual; make sure your individual needs are satisfied.

Survival Kit Key Notes

  • Make sure your BOB is located in a convenient and secure location.
  • Alert family members (if applicable) to the location of their BOB’s.
  • Rotate stored food in your Bug out Bag
  • Store medication and prescriptions in your BOB and rotate as needed.
  • Survival requires First Aid/CPR Certification for you and your family.
  • Continuously improve your Bug out Bag as your needs change.

Recommended Bug Out Bag

Spec-Ops T.H.E. Pack – This product has been tested in the field by operators across the world, attesting to its quality. With features like these its easy to understand why:

  • Tactical Bug Out BagCordura 1000D Nylon Fabric Durability
  • #10 Zippers on Main Compartments and Outer Pockets
  • Double Layer Pack Top Eliminating Stress Failures
  • Dual Compression Straps with Load Loops
  • Removable Waist Belt and Endless Adjustments
  • MTX Harness Compatible

Bug Out Bag – Water

Store water for your BOB’s in sealed plastic containers to prevent contamination. Include a minimum of a three-day water supply or 2 quarts a day for each member of your family. Intense physical activities such as running or extreme stress will double the amount of water your body requires.  If a Bug Out Vehicle is available and you must choose between water and food, choose water. For best results include the following items with your survival kit’s water supplies:

  • Water bladder for convenience
  • Flavoring pouches  for variety
  • Water filtration straws for backup water intake
  • water purification tablets for backup water intake

Bug Out Bag – Food

Include at least a three-day food supply of non-perishable food in your Survival Kit. Dehydrated foods are absolutely essential for you BOB. Unlike canned foods, dehydrated food is freeze-dried, making it compact and light weight. It requires little water to make and takes up minimal space in your kit. Be sure to compensate for special dietary needs as required. In addition to dehydrated meals consider including:

  • C RationsHigh protein energy bars for physical activity
  • C-Rations for emergency use [See Item]
  • Multivitamins to prevent malnutrition
  • M.R.E.’s (Meals Ready to Eat)

Bug Out Bag – First Aid and Medications

First aid kits and medical supplies should be fully stocked in all BOB’s. Under-stocked First Aid Kits will cost lives in an emergency. However, medical first aid kits are practically useless if you don’t have the training to properly use the supplies. Search locally to find affordable or free courses and certification classes.

  • First Aid KitField use First Aid Kit
  • Bug Out Bag First Aid Kit [See Item]

Medication should be well thought out in your survival kit based on your needs. For example; if you have a diabetic in your group or family you will want to include insulin pens, test strips, electric portable camping cooler, and adequate rotation procedures.

Bug Out Bag – Additional Supplies

  • Solar or crank powered flashlight
  • Fire source
  • Additional clothing
  • Sanitation wipes
  • Extra cash or bartering items
  • Waterproof gear
  • Personal identification
  • Knife
  • Multifunctional tool set
  • USB Jump Drive for essential information
  • Local maps
  • Emergency blanket
  • Para-cord
  • Sunscreen repellent
  • Single person tent
  • Lighter fluid, oil
  • Entertainment for children (if applicable)

Again design your Bug out Bag to fit each individual’s needs based on their size and circumstances. Paying attention to the fine details makes a successful kit.

Bug Out Bag – Weapons

In any emergency situation personal protection is an absolute requirement; we don’t have prisons in America because society is full of angels. Rioting, looting, physical/sexual assault are common. Firearms, knives, hatchets, crossbows, non-lethal defense items such as a taser or baton, and even certain household objects will be vital to protecting you and your family members should the need arise. These tools should be properly maintained and readily available in your BOB. Most importantly, you and your family should be properly trained to use these weapons. Maintaining proficiency will help eliminate panic and greatly improve your chances of survival. Firearms safety and personal defense classes and training are readily available for minimum fees


NVG Shooting

In this guide we will go over some low light shooting tactics.  Let’s be real, most of you don’t have the money to blow on NVGs (night vision goggles), and I’m damn sure you’ll get your shit handed to you if you don’t train to handle low light shooting.  With this in mind, let’s go over some tips and tricks to handle shooting in low light..

“The first time you blow someone away is not an insignificant event. That said, there are some shitheads in the world that just need to be shot. There are hunters and there are victims. By your discipline, you will decide if you are a hunter or a victim.”Retired Marine Gen. James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis

Low Light Dangers

Low light shooting guide In theater, low light shooting is actively engaging an enemy at night, or in a structure that inhibits proper lighting i.e. a building with no windows.  Even in the absence of combat, darkness can strike fear in the hearts of many men and women.  There’s a litany of psychological effects caused by darkness that you should train to combat against. When you’re confronted with total darkness and see a small point of light(s), you’ll quickly notice what’s known as the autokinetic effect.  The autokinetic effect is where your eyes fixate on a small point of light(s), and makes those points of light seem like they are moving when they’re not.  It’s usually caused by involuntary muscle movements in your eyes…

“It’s autokinesis: seeing involuntary muscle movements of your own eyes. Those lights aren’t going to come any closer than they are. It’s a fuckin’ town. Thirty or forty kliks out there at least. How far out did Alpha call this?”Sgt. Brad ‘Iceman’ Colbert – Generation Kill

low light shooting guide autokinesis

In these scene from the one season blockbuster Generation Kill, you learn the dangers of autokinesis where their sister unit Alpha called in an airstrike on what they thought was enemy armor.  Fortunately, Cpt. Craig ‘Encino Man’ Schwetje called in the airstrike at fifteen kliks, not forty, causing the airstrike to hit nothing but dirt. If you haven’t watched this show yet, you’re missing out.

Not only that, but darkness can bring about some nasty psychological effects that have no place on the battlefield. Over ten percent of Americans have some fear of the darkness that causes thanatophobia (fear of death), delusional worrying, insomnia, depression, and anxiety.

When the lights go out in combat, not only does your fight or flight system go into overdrive, but your pitiful little human eyes dilate to allow for more light in, and strain to focus on light sources. It sucks to say it, but even though we are apex predators, our night vision seriously blows! Our eyes rely on rods (rhodopsin) which can detect a single photon of light. However, if those rods go from darkness to too much light you’re screwed for at least twenty to thirty minutes. As an example, imagine it’s noon and the sun’s out, you’re breaching an underground bunker that has no lights, the minute you breach your rods have to reset and acclimate to the darkness before you can effectively focus in on any threats.

The advantage of low light shooting

Moon’s out goons out, there’s a reason most crimes, firefights, and military ops occur at night.  The aggressor is relying on the target’s inability to operate under low light conditions.  To those trained and equipped to shoot in low light conditions, darkness is an incredible asset that provides concealment while triggering psychological effects that aid the aggressor.  This means, you need to know how to not only defend yourself, but to use darkness as a weapon when you go on the offensive.

Understanding low light shooting

Low light shooting techniques require true dedication to training, and should be incorporated into your LFX.  Not only should you have a firm understanding in the techniques, but you should be properly equipped to operate in the dark, while not relying solely on the tools.  First, understand some basic rules for low light shooting before going on to advanced low light shooting.  Three simple rules…

Avoid Telegraphing

Telegraphing or flagging, alerting the target(s) to your presence. Let’s say you have a kick ass rifle with a bitchin’ SureFire tactical flashlight, and this thing is bright.  You’re out on patrol and you can barely see so you flick this bad boy on as you walk. You get about fifty feet, you hear a zip, you feel the sting, blood pours from you, and you realize you’ve been shot.  By leaving your light on and walking fifty feet you allowed for the sniper who was hidden in the treeline to identify your location, distance, and rhythm..

The best way to stay concealed under normal combat conditions is to not emit any light whatsoever by using Night Vision Goggles, with the aid of rifle mounted IR Laser Beams.  Unfortunately, a setup like this costs a few hundred dollars (not including your rifle), and isn’t an option for most of those that still have bills to pay.  You’ll need to rely on visual distortion to prevent telegraphing by manipulating the angle of your light’s beam, and the duration of it being on in intervals. By constantly manipulating your movements, beam angle, and light duration, you can keep the sniper from getting a bead on you.

Avoid blinding yourself and your team

Eventually your eyes will adjust to the dark, and become more sensitive to light. Even with your lights on you’ll be more sensitive to light, and if you aren’t prepared you could easily blind yourself or one of your team members. Keep this in mind when performing low light LFX.  Practice breaching, and clearing with a focus on beam direction.

Avoid creating backlit situations

When clearing a room in a normal team stack, avoid creating backlit situations by never having a beam in the direction of a team member.  When a beam is on a team member’s back it decreases that team members low light capabilities, and will block your beam from the target, allowing him to sight in on the member with the light on his back.

Low light shooting gear

As with all our articles we like to provide you sources for the best gear, with a bigger bang for your buck.  Luckily, flashlights, and NVGs have come a long way, making these accessories a major asset to you. Avoid buying any flashlight with a twist/slide on/off mechanism that are entirely too slow to operate.

Shooting in low light structures

If you’re attempting to clear a building in low light conditions you will need to remember some key rules, and incorporate them into your training; do not turn your light on too soon, don’t drag your beam (moving from ground up), don’t lead your light slowly, and don’t light the wall directly in front of you.

Intersections and tight corners should be approached with aggressive tempo. Hopefully you opted for a rifle/pistol mounted light that can be activated in an instance.  At each corner you clear your goal is to pop in with your light eye level, turning your light on as you cut the corner, long enough to clear the section, or to fire upon the target (if located).  By ‘popping in’ and flashing your light, you momentarily disorient the target providing you the advantage.

If you’re at an intersection or a T pop in high on the left , move back to cover, and pop in low on the right (another example of visual distortion).  Another nifty function of some of the more quality tactical lights is the strobe feature that inhibits the target’s ability to fixate whether you popped in high or low, but this function can also inhibit your vision if you’re not prepared for the effects.

A good low light exercise to practice is having the target find a place to start upon you breaching the structure (i.e. you main entry, target second floor room), and have the target aggressively engage you versus passively waiting.  By performing this exercise you will be forced to deal with CQB in low light conditions.

Night Vision Conditioning

There’s all kinds of ways you can better your night vision without the aid of your tools.  One simple method is to increase your Vitamin A intake.  Another method is to be in a room with the lights on, turn the lights off, squeeze your eyes tight as possible for ten seconds, and then open your eyes. And my personal favorite, empty your weapons magazine and chamber, turn off all the lights in your house, and start clearing your house for threats.  By using your night vision more and more you train your eyes to better handle low light conditions.

In closing, I did mention NVGs quite a bit in this article, but we’ll discuss proper NVG use in another article.  As we say in most our guides, you can read until your eyes bleed, but if you’re not applying this knowledge into your everyday training it won’t do much good.  Also, if you guys have any input, feel free to comment below.


Jade Helm and Martial Law

With all the misinformation about Jade Helm 15, and every conspiracy theorist having a new hypotheses of what it really means, it’s hard to understand whether Jade Helm is a real threat or not.  However, every Jade Helm 15 theory ends in one conclusion, martial law being declared on the people of the United States.  So what is Jade Helm 15?  Who’s going to be participating? Who’s going to be affected?  What is the “hostile territory” map?  And what does Wal-Mart and China have to do with any of it?  There won’t be any certain answers or outcomes until all of this happens but here’s what we know so far…

What is Jade Helm 15?

Jade Helm Training ExerciseJade Helm 15 is supposed to be a joint military training exercise taking place across multiple states but will mostly take part across the western states. We know that at least the following states will be a part of the exercise; Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah and Colorado, although there is some speculation that Colorado actually opted out. This will all happen within the time frame of July 15, 2015 and September 15, 2015 on both public and private land.

Who’s participating in Jade Helm 15?

The operation consists of U.S. Army Green Berets, U.S. Navy SEALS, U.S. Air Force Special Operations Command, USMC Marine Special Operations Command, USMC Marine Expeditionary Units, the 82nd Airborne Division and civilian inter-agency partners will all take part in the super-sized exercise. It looks like the majority of answers and the go to branch is the Army. Most quotes you’ll see on this exercise come from them. It’s not been mentioned if other countries will be joining but if we allow this to continue it would look like history will repeat itself and we will be allowing our allies to join in on training on our own soil.

Why is Jade Helm being held in The United States?

According to the very pointed Department of Defense brief on Jade Helm 15, this is nothing new in the tenants of irregular warfare training, and to their defense, they’re right.  According to the DoD, this training exercise has all the same elements of irregular warfare in current and past combat theaters; arid topography, different areas with different levels of affiliation i.e. neutral/sympathetic/hostile, and they even say that this is the main reason why they want to do a big chunk of the training in Texas because of the open space and “unique” terrain through the state.

Texas Prepares for Jade Helm

Like many people in Texas the state’s governor, Greg Abbott, has been very vocal about how he is not going to let this happen in his state without having some supervision.  He even went as far as mobilizing the state guard to watch over the military exercise.  Greg Abbott defended his reasoning by saying, “It is important that Texans know their safety, constitutional rights, private property right and civil liberties will not be infringed.”  It’s very refreshing to see someone actually stand up for the people they represent as well as their constitutional rights.

Because of this he has received some backlash from both political figures and talk show hosts like John Stewart; thankfully a lot of people in Texas and across the nation are still standing behind Gov. Abbott.  After all the backlash Gov. Abbott is still holding strong stating, “Listen, what’s going on here is really very simple,” Abbott told reporters. “What we’re doing is serving as a communication facilitator between the Special Operations Forces and the people of the state of Texas and nothing more than that.”  The other states have seemed relatively quiet, probably because the majority of the training will take place in Texas. Plus Texas was labeled as “hostile territory.”

The Hostile Territory Map

Jade Helm 15 Territory MapThe hostile  territory map released in an unclassified military Power Point raised quite a few eyebrows and questions.  The map shows seven western states including: California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas. There is a color legend with the categories: red=hostile, blue=permissive, brown=uncertain (leaning hostile), and light blue=uncertain (leaning friendly).  The majority of California, all of Nevada and all of Colorado are labeled blue. Arizona is labeled light blue and New Mexico is brown.  Utah, Texas, and a decent size chunk of Southern California are labeled red and the chunk is California is even labeled “insurgent pocket”.

Queue the Jade Helm Hysteria..

This labeling of states as ‘hostile’ naturally upset and confused a lot of people and it didn’t take long for Infowars, BEFORE IT’S NEWS, and the sort to claim martial law was coming.  The military has explained that this was to be used for the training purposes only and wasn’t to be taken literally.  This also is not the first time that our government has also done this type of “training” in urban and populated areas.

Miami and Houston were two of the many more recent cities to have blacked out Black Hawks running drills in their night skies. In fact this isn’t even the first time our government has labeled a place ‘hostile’. The United States has a reoccurring training exercising called “Bold Alligator” which is an amphibious assault exercise that is used to train the Navy and Marine Corps in different maritime strategies. It’s been held annually since 2011, and the 2014 exercise included 19 other countries: the United Kingdom, Canada, United States, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Chile, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Turkey, Japan, Australia, and Norway. The government labeled Georgia and part of Florida as ‘hostile’ during a naval exercise geared at preventing insurgent groups from launching attacks out of both of the states.

Is Wal-Mart the staging area for Jade Helm?

Jade Helm Closed WalMartLet’s backtrack to the cry wolf of martial law. For Infowars/ Alex Jones, BEFORE IT’S NEWS, and the many other “conspiracy theory” group’s martial law is not a new subject. It’s their favorite topic and more often than not is their go to response to a lot of issues that arise. This story has an interesting spin on it which ended up getting Wal-Mart involved.  Yes that big chain store that’s in every state and other countries has gotten itself wrapped up into being a part of this whole thing.  Back in April of this year Walmart shut down five of its stores out of nowhere, two of the stores were in Texas, one in California, one in Florida, and one in Oklahoma.

Walmart did a terrible thing and decided to fire 2,200 people out of nowhere and with zero notice, they literally told them a few hours before the closing the stores that they had lost their jobs.  Walmart released a statement saying that each store had been closed because of plumbing issues and that that’s the only reason.  That alone is a huge red flag to me and everyone else. Wal-Mart employees didn’t even know about these so called “plumbing issues” and the Wal-Mart’s have never even asked about building permits to fix these problems.  The conspiracy theorists came in saying that these five Wal-Mart’s had underground tunnels built and that they were going to be used as food distributions centers for the Jade Helm 15 training.  In fact ALL NEWS PIPELINE went as far as saying that they closed to become “the headquarters of invading troops from China, here to disarm American’s one by one.”  No one will EVER disarm American citizens, and you damn sure wouldn’t start the campaign in Texas of all places.

What it’s actually looking like is that Wal-Mart Corporate Board Members have simply had enough.  Wal-Mart has been known to treat its staff like dog shit, this isn’t news to anyone.  But one of the now closed stores actually led one of the first Black Friday protests in 2012 when employees were asking for higher pay.  What it really seems like is they’re just being assholes while trying to act like they’re a great employer, but in reality they’re just trying to get rid of the bad apples before anything can happen to damage the brand even more. Wal-Mart claimed they plan to reopen the stores but even if that were to happen it doesn’t look like it’ll be anytime soon.

Chuck Norris, one of my all-time favorite bad boys, has weighed in on this situation in one of the best ways I’ve read so far.  He’s quoted as saying, “It’s neither over-reactionary nor conspiratorial to call into question or ask for transparency about Jade Helm 15 or any other government activity.”  The Unites States government is something its public should always be watching and questioning at every turn.  While I don’t think the Wal-Marts were in connection (they’re just obviously a shitty company to work for) and I don’t think we’re about to have some Red Dawn scenario with China, I do absolutely believe that this isn’t a normal training exercise.  Any exercise taking place in the states and off a military base should always be questioned and watched.

“You cannot invade the mainland United States.  There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass..”Isoroku Yamamoto, Japanese Marshal Admiral and the commander-in-chief of the Combined Fleet during World War II


Napalm B

What is Napalm B

BLUE HORIZONNapalm B or what some call ‘Super Napalm’ is a gelled flammable liquid typically used for military applications such as the MK77 air dropped incendiary bomb, or more commonly used in conjunction with homemade flamethrowers.  Unlike homemade Napalm that burns for a minute or two, Napalm B can burn up to ten minutes. Not only does Napalm B have a superior burn time, but it also sticks better to surfaces (including skin), and is not as easy to accidentally ignite.

Napalm B use after the shit hits the fan…

As incendiary weapons go, Napalm B is inexpensive to make and can be made quickly.  For preppers and survival groups Napalm B is an invaluable asset to have in your repertoire.  Napalm B is ideal for clearing out enemy personnel maintaining a position in any structure such as; bunkers, shelters, foxholes, etc. by inserting the substance into any opening or ventilation shaft.  Igniting Napalm B in closed spaces such as these will cause the substance to stick to any skin it comes in contact with, making it nearly impossible to extinguish.  Not only are the incendiary effects catastrophic but they can cause suffocation, carbon monoxide poisoning, smoke inhalation, dehydration and etc…

Napalm B Precautions

First let’s get this out of the way – just like Thermite, Napalm B is not illegal.  However, much like other incindiary compounds, the way you use it could land your ass in jail or in the ICU.  Don’t be an asshole.  For safety’s sake, this substance should not be made in your home, so keep this project outside before your wife divorces you for setting her kitchen on fire, and killing her cat who inhaled the toxic and volatile vapors.  Keep children and pets very far away.  You will also need some PPE (personal protective equipment)

What do you need to make Napalm B

As I said before, we aren’t making run of the mill napalm, where you’d only need styrofoam and gas.  We’re making Napalm B, the good stuff.  You can purchase everying you need to make Napalm B by clicking on the links below, however you can purchase the gasolene from any local gas store.  What you need;

Steps to make Napalm B

Note, the amounts listed to make the Napalm B compound are by weight.  You will need to take your polystyrene (packing peanuts) and break them into finer parts using the cheese grater to 46 parts of loosely grated polystyrene bits.

Now pour your 33 parts of gasoline into your 1000ml glass beaker.  Slowly add 21 parts of benzene mixing as you pour with your glass rod.  Once loosely mixed, you can now add your polystyrene bits.  Add the polystyrene bits little by little, mixing with the glass rod as you go.  As you’re adding the polystyrene you’ll notice the bits will begin to dissolve and fizzle, which is a sign the mixture is starting to gel. By the time all of the polystyrene has been added there should be no loose liquid remaining, and you should have a gelled perfectly mixed compound of Napalm B.

Now put the compound into an aluminum coffee can (do not use plastic, the mixture will eat right through it). Coat the bottom 3 inches of your fuse with gasoline and insert it one inch into the gelled compound.  Find a spot away from brush, kids, animals, and anything flammable to ignite the Napalm B compound.  Once ready to ignite, light the non-coated end of the fuse and back away from the compound by at least 10 feet, and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Now keep in mind, there are several variations of this compound, and some will use kerosene, white phosphorous, sulfuric acid, and all kinds of other shit that will only complicate things, so stick to the basics.  As always, if you have any helpful advice or improvements on our method feel free to comment below.